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Management Policy

Taking a look at the inside of our country, we see a lot of problems piled up to solve but still have been seriously suffering from finding any way out. Shrinking of the domestic economy to a certain extent is thus considered to be unavoidable. Actually, cargo volume carried has been declining to 1% to 1.5% every year since 1991.
Survival policy we should take under the severe circumstances is to forget our past favorable stories first and newly tackle to improve our productivity. Achievement of the object can also help us cope with the phenomena of lack of labor force and decreasing birth rate and growing the population of elderly people.
When we look at overseas, economic growth of rising nations is remarkable although their economic power has been slowing down temporarily because of drastic economic slow down triggered by Eurozone debt crisis and the situation is still unstable and unforeseen.
Even if the unfavorable world-wide economic situation prevailing, our company has to keep going ahead by taking in any potential market demand as much because the shipping market would be expected to be restored and enhanced in the long run anyway. Corresponding to the potential market expansion, we absolutely have to challenge developing new business coverage, and for our survival.
Our ‘International Business Division’ established in April, 2011 is regarded as our first step for it. However, stepping into the new market just blindly, no guarantee of our business success can be expected at all. It is no doubt about that we should specialize in our business know-how cultivated and techniques established for entering into the new market, after making a full analysis on what is the most suitable way for us to approach.
Together with our existing domestic business including coasters and ferry services, we are surely ready for a stand up to expand our business activities in the future pursuing cost-saving merit and raising our competitiveness with others.

International Business Division

At present, we have been operating two wood chip carriers to serve for our major client ‘Oji Paper Co., Ltd.’ however domestic paper consumption is showing a tendency to decline.
For the near future, unless we can keep up with our clients’ desires for a trilateral transportation, our existence will be no longer worth to continue. From this viewpoint, it is imperative for us to advance into a market abroad.
To achieve our success in a foreign market, we would like to step further forward with our existing business know-how and technique for domestic operation of coasters and ferry services after making an analysis on what is the most useful for carrying out our international business onwards.

Coastal Business Division

Domestic business is mostly for carrying bulk cargoes by Break Bulk Vessels. However, the most serious problem the shipping circle holds is shortage of Japanese crew. As is the fact that Japanese youngsters who don’t want to become crew recently, we are seriously desired to tackle the problem how to create an attractive workplace for them. This is not the problem for an individual company but the problem for all companies in the same shipping circle here in Japan. Our company, as a new organization, has also a strong will to step forward to challenge this problem from what we can do by ourselves first.
As our next step, we would like to study whether or not our present transportation manner by Break Bulk Vessels is an appropriate way to meet with requirements of the new age. At the same time, we would like to grapple with a study in order to develop a new transportation method.

Ferry Business Division

At present, we have four ferry boats under service. However two of them are coming to be replaced for new buildings.
Thus, we have to study about those new ones. Ferry business is able to carry ordinary passengers, passenger cars, trucks and so on at the same time so that it is important for us to build new vessels based on our new ideas free from our past experience, and thinking of needs for the new age to come.

Above-described is our company’s management policy. Being existed as a shipping company, safety navigation is an indispensable pre-condition. We wish to strengthen our safety management system to meet respectively with domestic and ferry business than ever.



The division was newly established in April, 2011 for the purpose of carrying wood chips in bulk for ‘Oji Paper Co., Ltd.’ under our operation of chip carriers listed below.

At present, we have chartered-in M/V ‘PRINCE OF NATURE’ and M/V ‘PRINCE OF TOKYO’ (see their rough specifications below) for a period time-charter agreement. The International Business Division has been taking a role of transporting chips in bulk at sea as a member of the group of Oji Paper Co., Ltd. As our ocean-going services are concerned, our carriers have been calling at ports in Thailand, Vietnam in Southeast Asia, Oceania, North America, South America and South Africa and some others for loading chips in bulk and to discharge the cargoes at local factories of Oji Paper Co., Ltd. here.

In operating our carriers, we keep close communications with the Original Owners of the two and trying our every effort to ensure their security, preventing them from marine disasters and taking anti-pollution measures as well.

Under very changeable economic circumstances, we, as an operator, try to make further efforts to be able to respond to our clients’ requirements in a smooth and flexible manner, enhancing our business activities in a more effective way.

Vessels under our operation

Kind of vessel Name of Vessel DWT Year built Name of Shipbuilder
Wood Chip carrier PRINCE OF NATURE 43,924 1995 Sonayasu/Hishino
Wood Chip carrier PRINCE OF TOKYO 43,980 1997 Sanoyasu/Hishino